Tickets can be purchased through Eventbee at the following link:

Please don't purchase tickets through any other links. Eventbee is the only legitimate ticket service for this event.

We recommend you purchase a ticket with a friend and come as a pair because guests enter the haunt in pairs.


Entry to the event is timed every 10 minutes for 2 people. Please arrive on time so you don't cause delays for other guests. If you are late, we will have to take you out of turn. If you are more than 30 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your entry to the event.

What to Bring

LEAVE EVERYTHING EXCEPT YOUR KEYS AND CELL PHONE IN YOUR CAR. Any other possessions you bring to the event will become property of the State. (There is no private property in the Red State.)

This Event Is Not for the Weak

During the event, YOU WILL BE HANDCUFFED WITH PLASTIC HANDCUFFS and locked in a small room. Our actors MUST place their hands on your shoulders in order to lead you to other parts of the room. Although no harm will come to you, you must sign a waiver before entering the event. Please play along and respect our actors.

Psychological Fright

This event is meant to scare you. It involves yelling, shock, bright lights, blackness, noise, a confined space and confusion. Be advised.

How Long Must I Suffer?

With a run time of about 10 minutes, this event offers a lot of bang for your buck. It's a short event but it's very intense and nothing like your average haunted house or maze.