What Is Red Scare?

Red Scare is an interactive haunted experience, unlike any other haunt. Participants are subjected to interrogation, imprisonment and fright. It's a short but unique and terrifying experience.

Guests have been accused of a crime: sedition and disloyalty to the State. All guests are arrested and subjected to reprogramming.


Traitors must be interrogated and the truth of their heinous crimes must be discovered.

Our guests face accusation and arrest.  , Upon entrance, guests are taken captive and forced into the haunted Interrogation Room. Officers of the Red State will interrogate our guests until a confession is forced.

Labor Is Good For You

After confession, our guests are marched from the interrogation room to the Gulag, where they are imprisoned and forced to work off their crimes against the State. Beware, the Gulag is haunted with the tortured souls of its victims.